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Traffic Cop Big Brother Alert

ht-4I was issued my last speeding ticket on May 10, 2002. A lucky thing it was, too. I was being a MENACE on the road. I was rocketing down an empty Idaho highway at 45 mph in a 35 mph zone on a crystal spring day. I’m a regular John Gotti.

Eleven years later your local and state police departments have some technology toys that can keep scofflaws such as me off the streets… and tied up in traffic court. WiseInsuranceQuotes has the  the traffic cop big brother alert and is sharing our findings with you.

Stop Light and School Zone Cameras: While these aren’t brand new the studies that show their effectiveness are just now coming to light. The cameras are good. They are VERY GOOD! Truth told, in some cities the traffic cop big brother stop light cameras are so good as to be somewhat of an embarrassment.

One Pacific Northwest city reported that its police force had issued 15,000 school zone and red light infraction tickets in 2012. That was pre-camera. After the installation of the cameras the same city reported 12,000 tickets issued…in January 2013 alone. The city is considering what to do next, after the decision is made about what to do with all of the new revenue.

80% of All Drivers Overpay for Insurance. Do You? Start Saving Now. Passive License Plate Cameras: Two Florida cities are experimenting with small cameras that are mounted on the roof of the patrol cars. The cameras are always on and tasked with taking down the license number of every car that that goes by. The data is fed into the Department of Motor Vehicle records in an attempt to
find drivers with outstanding warrants or the subjects of Amber Alerts. Groups concerned with the lack of privacy issues that are making national news are considering legal action against the cities of Del Ray Beach and Boca Raton should the practice become a permanent one.

More Bear in the Air: Traffic and surveillance aircraft used to be solely the purview of large urban and state law enforcement due to its prohibitive cost. That need no longer be the case. Tim Dees, with Police Tech, and Gear had this to say:

“A small quadricopter operable within line of sight can be had for a few thousand dollars, and a small airborne platform with an operational range similar to a conventional light helicopter will cost less than the manned version, and won’t require as much maintenance or as much training to fly. The biggest barrier to widespread deployment is the refinement of FAA regulations for UAV flight over domestic soil, and that won’t be long coming.”

Neenah Cardboard Traffic Cop on Patrol

Then There Are the Resourceful City Fathers from Neenah, Wisconsin… Unable to afford a quadricopter, no matter how inexpensive, the small Wisconsin town that counts Lake Michigan as its back yard came up with a plan less high tech than larger, and better-heeled, towns employ. In an effort to keep drivers on their toes while also leaving time to fight real crimes, the Neenah PD traffic cop big brother will post cardboard cutouts that look like an officer pointing a radar gun in strategic locations. Like something out of “Weekend at Bernie’s”, the paper tigers will be rotated with living, breathing officers so that the ruse has a chance of effecting change.

As the pace of technology expansion seems to accelerate so do the resources at the fingertips of law enforcement. Don’t text and drive, keep your eyes peeled for danger…and those cardboard cutouts.