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Hot Poll: Survey Shows Companies Over Charge

ocp-9A new Wise Insurance Quotes poll shows something that many people have suspected for years is true — that insurance companies over charge their customers for the services they provide.

A huge majority of respondents — 71% said insurance carriers charge too much for the coverage they provide. The online poll asked respondents a single straight forward question, “Do you feel insurance companies charge a fair price for the coverage you receive?” The resounding majority said NO.

The other 29% said companies did not over charge for their services. The insurance industry has undergone a series of sweeping changes in the past decade, which has forced thousands of insurance agents to leave the business, with falling insurance commissions.

80% of All Consumers Overpay for Insurance. Do You? Start Saving Now. A series of natural disasters, including hurricanes, tornadoes and fires across the U.S. have produced major changes for homeowners’ insurance policy holders in many regions. Insurance firms have left states in the south and mid-west instead of writing policies in areas which have been hit with severe damage time and time again, including Florida.

The Internet has sent the insurance industry into a whirlwind and has provided a major series of advantages for consumers to save money and obtain the best insurance coverage for the money to protect their homes, cars, businesses and purchase life insurance at some of the lowest rates in years.