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Strategies to Save Money on Gas

smg-2With high gasoline prices, motorists are looking for ways to save money on gas. With these eight strategies, drivers will begin saving a little with each fill up.

#1: Compare Prices – Websites and apps abound with easy ways for drivers to compare gas prices at local stations even while driving. Although prices don’t fluctuate too much, a sudden spike can be avoided by finding those stations which haven’t raised prices yet.

#2: Upgrade Vehicles – Even drivers who don’t want to invest in a hybrid vehicle will benefit from trading in their older vehicle for something newer. As fuel efficiency advances, most cars simply lose less gas to do the job. Avoid upgrading to a larger vehicle: more weight equals more fuel usage.

#3: Clean Out Car – While bigger vehicles take more gas, drivers who load down their cars with junk can cause the same problem. Extra weight in the vehicle just makes it harder for the engine to work efficiently so keep the car as lightweight as possible.

#4: Inflate Tires Properly – Driving a car with under-inflated tires can reduce fuel efficiency. Avoiding this is easier thanks to dashboards on newer cars, which alert drivers to their tire pressure. Even in cars without this feature, purchasing an Save 50% on Car Insurance. Search for Rates.

inexpensive tire pressure gauge and checking the pressure can help save money on gas. Also, don’t assume over-inflated tires will improve fuel efficiency. Popular Mechanics did a test of this theory and found no difference in efficiency.

#5: Keep Windows Down – Rolling down the windows while driving does not reduce fuel efficiency more than running the air conditioning. Consumer Reports tested this theory and found that air conditioning uses a lot more gasoline. So unless it’s blistering hot outside save a few bucks by rolling down the windows.

#6: Tighten Gas Cap – Vehicles with loose or improperly fitted gas caps actually never use all of the gasoline as efficiently. A portion of the tank of gas ends up evaporating. A locking gas cap can prevent this evaporation and improve fuel efficiency.

#7: Obey Speed Limits – Fast driving actually reduces fuel efficiency so drivers who speed may reach their destination faster but use more gas to get there. Also, using cruise control and choosing highways helps because you’ll reduce stopping and starting, which use more gas.

#8: Maintain the Vehicle – Regular tune-ups, oil changes, tire rotations, and other preventative maintenance will help a vehicle keep its fuel efficiency high. Anything that might cause the car to work harder will cause drivers to spend more at the gas pump.