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Obamacare May Already Make Things Easier

hi-44Although headlines focus on the mandatory health insurance of Obamacare, the law may already make things easier for you to qualify for health insurance and use that insurance for more medical needs. Let’s take a look at a few of these provisions.

No More Lifetime Limits – Although health insurance is supposed to be most useful when you or a family member becomes ill, most policies set limits on benefits they payout on for care. The Affordable Care Act currently prevents insurance companies from imposing these limits so your policy will pay for coverage regardless of how expensive it is.

Pre-Existing Condition Coverage – If you have a child under the age of 19 who has a pre-existing condition, medical care related to the treatment of that condition can no longer be excluded. Additionally, a provision in the law establishes more affordable high risk pools for adults whose pre-existing conditions make them ineligible for most health insurance coverage. Eventually, health insurance providers will not be able to turn anyone away, regardless of age or health.

Longer Care for Children – If you are considering purchasing health insurance but have uninsured children between the ages of 18 and 26 then here’s another good reason to buy a policy: Your children can be on it even if they aren’t in college, are married, and don’t live with you. One of the earliest provisions in the law extended the length of time children can remain on their parents’ health insurance policies to help young adults struggling to find jobs with benefits in the current economy.

More Affordable Preventative Care – Even with health insurance, many people could not afford the preventative care they needed because of the high cost of co-insurance and co-payments. Check Healthcare Plans and Rates to Fit Your Budget. Search for Rates.

Thanks to two provisions of Obamacare that are already in effect those concerns should no longer be an issue when you have health insurance. Since September 2010, immunizations and vaccinations for children and adults must be covered without the recipient paying a co-payment or being required to split the cost with the insurance company as long as the medical provider is part of that insurance network.

Since August 2012, these same guidelines have been applied to other forms of preventative care, including mammograms and colonoscopies. Furthermore, any services related to women’s reproduction must also be covered without the recipient being required to pay for a portion of those services.

Appeals – If you do apply for health insurance now but are turned down for coverage or your new policy rejects a claim, under Obamacare you now have the right to go through an appeals procedure to fight those rejections.