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Motorcycle Insurance – The Basics

Bike travelIt seems that the riding months for motorcycles, moped, scooters are getting longer each year. The change is the weather has added a couple of months of riding time. Like a vehicle, it is mandatory to have insurance on the motorcycle before you can drive it. A bit of information for you to think about.

To operate a motorcycle, you must have a motorcycle license.  You first start off with a M1 license. It is a learner permit which is used for minimum 6 months while you learn how to operate a motorcycle. There are various limits on the size you can operate until you have a little more experience. You can obtain the learner driving test books at all driving centers. You must then take a road test before you are eligible for the M class. Once you have the M license, you are eligible to ride any type of motorcycle.

Motorcycles come in all makes and sizes. They start at the size of a moped, scooter up to the luxury types, like a full size Harley. Insuring a motorcycle offers the same coverage as automobile insurance. The mandatory coverage are:

  • Third party liability – for damage or injury to another party
  • Uninsured and Underinsured drivers
  • Accident benefits for your injuries
  • Collision and Comprehensive – coverage for your bike. This coverage are optional
  • Family protection coverage – tops off your coverage if the other person does is underinsured or not insured at all. Your coverage will protect you up to your limit of liability
Motorcycle insurance rates are definitely not cheap. The exposure for injuries is just too high. The longer you have the license, the lower the rates. It also gives you a chance to take a few of the motorcycle courses available, that can result in lower a lower premium. Also check with your automobile insurance Company about any multi vehicle discounts that can be applied to your policy. Slash Your Motorcycle Insurance Premiums. Search for Lower Rates


A few types of motorcycle make/models

  • High end bikes – Luxury brands like Harley. These would be the large 2 rider seat bikes that look and are very comfortable and would be used for long trips. A few types, Harley-Davidson, the Honda Shadow and the Yamaha V-Star series.
  • Sport Touring Bikes -These bikes are also used for long distant rides touring. Yamaha, Honda, and Triumph.
  • Basic Motorcycles – These would be the everyday bike. Such as a Yamaha between 100 – 750cc. The use of the bike being pleasure or driving to and from work.