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Medical Insurance 101

Due to the costs of medical care, millions of people do not have the luxury of basic health Figuring cost of health carecare. It is hard for someone who is living in a country that pays for health insurance, to imagine not being able to go to the doctors because they don’t have the money.

The best course of action you can take, is to find a job where the company pays or gives you medical insurance coverage or search around for basic health policy that costs you a low monthly rate. Credit Cards sometimes offer individual health plans like they do with their travel plan.

There are many Health Insurance plans offering great coverage with low premiums. It is just a matter of finding the right one for you and your family. There are basic plans up to comprehensive plans that cover you where ever you live or travel. Here are a few questions you may want to keep in mind when purchasing medical insurance.


  • Is there coverage for major illness?

Yes, coverage is available for long term illness.

  • Do they insure for a pre-existing conditions?

Yes, most plans do have coverage for a pre-existing medical  condition, however it would cost additional funds for that type of care. Not all Companies will cover these costs, so you will have to shop around for a policy that suits you.


  • Which is the best plan for my family?

There are different types of plans available which are set up to accommodate everyone.

  •  Basic Coverage – This type would be for a family or individual who do not travel and only need basic insurance coverage.
  • Broad Coverage – The Broad coverage does insure you while traveling abroad or regional.
  • Comprehensive Coverage – This plan is the best coverage if you are continually traveling internationally and need a broader form of coverage for your family.
  •   What about dental coverage?

The broad type plans do cover dental work and emergency situations.

  • Is pre-natal care insured?

Yes, there is a limited amount of coverage for pregnant women as well as their new bundle of joy.

  • What about my drug prescriptions I use monthly.

Yes, they will cover your medication. If you are traveling, be sure to advise your doctor prior to leaving, to see if he can extend the   quantity while you are away. Some plans do have an annual deductible.

  • What about my children, will they be covered?

If you have a child under 21, they can be shown on the policy, over 21 they have to get their own policy.

 There is always optional coverage that can be added to an existing medical plan as individual needs change. As new benefits are introduced, you may have more coverage to add to the policy.  Most insurers offer various payment methods.

Insurers have all contract information you will need to get their website  on their website. set up so all contact information is easily found. You can go on to their website to check any information you need. You can call them 24/7 for assistance