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Jobs That Raise Life Insurance Premiums

sm-4Lion tamer, test pilot, stunt man and trapeze artist are extremely dangerous jobs that raise life insurance premiums or make you uninsurable at any cost. But there is a second tier of jobs that are considered almost as hazardous as the ones named above. These jobs also make rates go sky high.

Fishery Employee: Anyone who has ever watched an episode of “The Deadliest Catch” won’t be surprised to know that those seafaring cowboys are in an extremely hazardous profession. But we were surprised to find out that the folks who wrangle the fish after the boats bring them home are high risk to insurance companies as well. The working conditions lend themselves to “slip and fall” and the chilled atmosphere makes sickness a constant companion.

Ted Lilton from The Insurance Institute of Alaska explains it like this, “Any work environment that is kept in a refrigerated condition is, statistically, 63% more likely to have higher than normal claim scenario for clinic and E.R. visits. The cold exacerbates respiratory difficulty as well as slows the reflexes toward avoidance of workplace injury.”

Farmers and Ranchers: Wide open spaces, with nothing but sheep and the wail of the lonesome dove for company — Why would that result in high premiums? The Access Project, a research arm of Brandeis University explains it thus. “The greater age of farmers and ranchers and the greater prevalence of workplace injuries on farms and ranches make the healthcare status of many rural households indeed tenuous. How policy solutions to the nation’s healthcare issues affect all rural self-employed and rural people with fewer resources are considerations policymakers must consider.” Find the Right Life Insurance at the Right Price. Get a Rate Quote Now.

Outside Sales: While the mileage logged by outside salespeople is mostly low speed in-town miles, the sheer volume of the miles leaves the sales professional susceptible to traffic accidents. In addition to car wrecks, illness is a big part of this equation. Commission sales are a known factor in high blood pressure and related issues. The occupation on our list with the highest actual number of fatalities was “Drivers/sales workers” with 1008 deaths in 2011.

Waste Disposal Engineers: The guy that makes a racket outside your bedroom window every Friday morning has a hazardous job. The up and down from the truck, the twisting and turning with the cans and the ever present bacteria puts this job on the insurance companies list.

If you work in a high-risk occupation, you probably know how important it is to have disability insurance coverage. But don’t rely on government programs such as Social Security and workers compensation as your main source of protection. In reality, government programs pay only limited benefits under restrictive terms. In other words you must meet a strict definition of disability to qualify.