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Insuring Cars Stored in a Yard

gs-1Insuring cars stored in a yard or on property  for comprehensive coverage is a good idea, so they will be covered in case of theft. Older cars and trucks regarded as antiques are considered high value items and need special endorsements for insurance coverage.

Even if you have homeowners or renters insurance your vehicles will not be covered by those policies unless the policy contains a rider specifically including them. A landlord’s policy will not cover renters vehicles.

Insuring cars that aren’t driven does not mean that you will have to get a full insurance policy. Comprehensive insurance covers damage that occurs to a vehicle while it is parked off the road. A standard comprehensive policy will cover the kind of damage a car is most likely to suffer sitting in a yard.

80% of All Drivers Overpay for Insurance. Do You? Start Saving Now. This includes fire, falling tree limbs, weather related damage, broken windows, theft and vandalism. However, insuring cars for specific kinds of disasters such as floods and earthquakes are usually excluded. You might need to get additional insurance to cover them.

If you take a vehicle off the road or buy an antique vehicle you don’t plan to drive check on comprehensive insurance.

However, specialized comprehensive insurance will not cover you if you take the car on the road. Comprehensive may not cover a vehicle if it is hit by another car while it is standing still. If it is sitting on the street, the accident might be viewed as a collision.

If you have a vehicle you drive occasionally such as a convertible you only drive in the summer, you’ll still need collision insurance coverage when it’s on the road. One way to save money when insuring such vehicles is to get a month to month policy you only pay for when driving the vehicle.