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Insurance Replaces Property That Cannot be Cleaned

hsh-4Insurance companies usually only replace property that cannot be cleaned or repaired in an accident or other catastrophe like a home fire.

There may be smoke damage to furniture from a fire and it can often be thoroughly cleaned to remove smoke, including its potent odor. Restoration companies specialize in cleaning and deodorizing smoke damaged furniture. Their success is generally very good and insurance companies often engage a restoration company to clean and deodorize the interior of homes damaged by fire. If cleaning is not possible, then the carrier will normally pay to replace property.

The same is true for carpet. Water will damage the carpet pad which usually is replaced but the carpet can be dried and re-installed.

It may be unreasonable for homeowners to feel that their insurance company should try to clean the pad and carpet before agreeing to replace it all together. After all, cleaning can be done for much less money than replacing carpet and pad.

Many insurance customers who file claims in fires argue they have paid their premiums for years and never had a loss or made a claim so the insurance company has made money on them all those years. You may also say that the same thing happened to your neighbor and their carpet was replaced. Slash Your Home Insurance Premiums. Search for Lower Rates

However, every fire and insurance claim is different and has varying degrees of damage to personal property. The insurance policy is intended to make you whole. But policy holders need to be reasonable with their expectations. If cleaning is not successful and there are still odors of smoke from the damage to personal property, your company will probably authorize carpet replacement.

This also applies to automobile damage. Cars are highly repairable and minor damage can be repaired by properly trained specialists. Regardless of reports to the contrary, repairs do not devalue the average car and it isn’t reasonable to expect that every ding or dent requires an insurance company to replace property.  After all, consider how you would handle it if you had no insurance. Chances are you would repair a minor dent and not pay for it to be replaced.