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Homeowner Insurance Coverage

Everyone is aware thatcottage homeowners insurance is available to cover your home and personal effects. The standard items like the actual house, contents or valuable are well known. In this article, we will breakdown the coverage and hopefully give you information that you didn’t know you were insured for under this policy.

When you purchase Homeowners Insurance, it protects you for more than just the material objects like your home and personal effects. The policy offers the following.


This is the actual building. Anything that is attached to the house like garage door,railings, the roof, windows or built in appliances.


Any building on your property. It would include, detached garage, sheds,  pools, deck, fencing and landscaping.


This coverage not only covers you for all your personal belongings in your home, it also includes cover for

  • Articles in storage
  • Personal belongings that are temporarily removed from your home. An example would be items you may take to a cottage, but they are not left there all year long.
  • A additional amount of coverage could apply to your son or daughter while a university.
  • If your car is broken into and personal items are stolen, they would be covered by your home insurance not your auto insurance. The coverage is just for anything not attached to the vehicle. If it is attached to the vehicle, that must be claimed on your auto insurance.
  • Freezer goods are covered. Keep in mind that in a blackout situation, or weather storm, you should try and do your best to keep the contents from going bad. Some Companies with not apply the regular deductible to the loss.


Personal Liability and Property Damage

  • Personal Liability and property damage protects you from a lawsuit that may be filed against you for negligence on your part. An example would be a ruthless neighbor who insists you smashed in his garage door because you were upset at him.  The Insurance Company would defend you for any charges for injury or property damage if need be.
  • Medical Payments – This coverage is available to you to voluntary pay  someone’s medical payments if you are responsible for their injury.
  • Voluntary Property Damage – If you spill red wine on your neighbors a very expensive white rug, you will have the funds to voluntarily have it cleaned.
  • Additional living expense is included in the policy. As an example, if you have a fire and cannot return to your house, you have coverage on your policy that will put you up at a hotel,offer a meal allowance, clothes. There are limits however every situation is different.

There is a limit on the Liability Limit, Medical Payments and Voluntary property damage. Speak to your broker and ask for the highest limit you can purchase. The cost is very low for the amount of insurance you can purchase.

Unoccupied Building

Review your home policy and the information provided for a unoccupied or vacant building. They will cover your house however, the coverage is limited and there is a time limit.


There is a usually a deductible on a homeowners policy. If a claim should occur, you would be responsible for the “deductible” which you would have signed up for when writing up the application. It is usually around $500. Tip – if you are unfortunate and have an automobile and property loss at the same time, if both are with the same company, you can ask for the waiving of one deductible.

Government Property

If you damage any local authority property, your insurance will respond within the their guidelines and regulations, and pay any damages in which you are legally responsible.

*** You can ask and have added to your policy, a rider which will cover you for any by-law changes in your neighbor.