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Highest Car Thief Zip Codes

ct-2Your zip code might determine how likely your car is to be stolen and your car insurance rate. There are some areas that have the highest car thief zip codes in the nation. There’s also one state that Car Thieves’ Favor: California.

If you live in California you are twice as likely to have your ride stolen as people who live in another state, according to Location Inc. a relocation advice company. In fact, eight of the 10 cities with the highest rates of car theft were in the Golden State.

The car-theft rate in California is actually higher in the state’s smaller outlying cities. The city with the highest car theft rate in 2011 was Fresno, but Bakersfield, Sacramento and Stockton were not that far behind. The entire state of California it seems is a car thieves’ playground. Yet the rate of theft is actually lower in large cities like Los Angeles and San Diego than in smaller cities.

In another strange development car thieves seem to prefer the Southwest and West to the rest of the country. All of the cities on the bureau’s top 10 car thieves’ playgrounds list were West of the Mississippi.

80% of All Drivers Overpay for Insurance. Do You? Start Saving Now. The lowest rate of car theft was in zip codes in the Northeast particularly smaller cities in that region. The two cities with the lowest rates of car theft were Elmira, New York, and State College, Pennsylvania.

The reason western states have more car thefts is that they are closer to Mexico, which is a prime market for stolen cars. Other factors include the smaller number of police officers per capita in the region and warm weather.

There are also  geographic factors that increase the rate of car thefts. Being farther south affects the rate because of the proximity to Mexico and nice weather that lets car thieves’ work year round.

A location on a major transportation artery such as an Interstate Highway can also increase the theft rate. Such routes are used for smuggling and shipping stolen car parts or vehicles nationwide or out of the country.

Even though the rate of grand theft auto is certainly higher in some zip codes it may not affect your insurance rates that much. The rate isn’t as a high as you think even in the cities with the highest rates. Fresno’s theft rate was 812.40 stolen vehicles per 100,000 on the street.

In other words, the chances of getting a vehicle stolen were very low even in car thieves’ playgrounds. Other factors such as the age of the vehicle, cost and your driving history have more effect on rates than the theft rate.

It is possible to lower your rates in cities with a high level of car theft. Many companies will give you a break if you drive a vehicle with a state of the art security system. These make cars harder to steal but they make them a more tempting target because they reduce the supply on the black market and the prices fences are willing to pay for stolen vehicles and auto parts.