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Healthy People Need Health Insurance

hp-4If you rarely visit a doctor and can’t remember the last time you needed a prescription, you’re probably wondering why you should spend money on health insurance. You may take it as a benefit offered by an employer, but you probably aren’t likely to spend the time and money necessary to buy individual coverage.

However, there are some very good reasons why healthy people need health insurance.

Reason #1: Preventative Care

Just because you’re healthy now that doesn’t mean you’ll stay that way indefinitely, especially without help as you age. Visiting a doctor regularly is a good way to maintain good health. For example, if you are on the cusp of developing hypertension or diabetes, regular doctor visits can alert you to these potential problems before they become serious. You could still have time to turn the tide and prevent the development of a chronic health problem. Additionally, doctor visits can provide other types of prevention, including birth control, vaccinations, and screenings for certain types of cancers.

Reason #2: Emergencies are Expensive

Search for Competitive Health Care Insurance Rates. Find a Plan in Your Budget. Most healthy people have no idea how much a medical emergency will cost. A couple of years ago a sitcom character ended up in the hospital for an emergency appendectomy. He had no insurance so his father – a retired police officer – offered to pay the bill for him out-of-pocket. Although the sentiment is nice, the scenario is extremely rare. The average cost of such a procedure, including a 24 hour hospital stay is $25,000 in the U.S.

Several years ago, a relatively healthy 35-year old uninsured man involved in a serious car accident racked up over $100,000 in medical bills thanks to a CAT scan, an overnight stay in the hospital’s ICU, countless physicians and specialists, return visits for follow-up care and prescriptions.

While health insurance wouldn’t cover all of the expenses in either case, it would help significantly. You never know when you might need medical care, so having health insurance is good for even healthy people.

Reason #3: Cheaper Care

According to a recent survey, young adults without health insurance are more likely than any age group except for seniors to seek treatment in an emergency room. Although health insurance does cost a lot in premiums, the savings netted on avoiding emergency rooms and other types of high-priced medical care might be worth it. Plus, if you purchase health insurance with a prescription coverage component you’ll save money on medications.

Even if you think you’re healthy and don’t need insurance, these three reasons should give you something to consider. Having coverage and not needing it is always going to be better than facing a medical emergency without any financial help.