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Insider Report: Handling the Loss of Home

loh-4There is a storm warning and the next thing you know there is a pile of rubble where your home once stood. You start by feeling that you are lucky to be alive and then you realize that everything you own is gone. Losing a house is tough, but Wise Insurance Quotes is here to help with  an insider report of handling the loss of home.

The first step is to make sure that everyone is all right and see to your personal needs. The second step is to contact your insurance company. They will give you some instructions on handling the loss of a home and suggestions on how to proceed.

If your insurance company has mobile response units in place, you may be able to obtain an emergency advance for living expenses and emergency repairs. Losing a home means rebuilding or relocating so decisions have to be made. If you decide to rebuild, you will need to secure a competent contractor and obtain estimates. Catastrophes and large weather related disasters attract the best and the worst so selecting a contractor requires research and patience. Make sure you have information concerning licensing and insurance.

Once you have secured a contractor, your adjuster will work with them to agree upon what is known as the scope of damages. That means an agreement concerning what work needs to be done. Once that is agreed, they will have to agree on the cost. Your adjuster will give you a detailed estimate and you should provide this to the contractor. Slash Your Home Insurance Premiums. Search for Lower Rates

Contractors normally work on “draws” and payments are made at different stages of the construction. Always keep in mind that your insurance company will only pay for your damage once.

Beware of any contractor that asks to be paid up front. You may be told that this is the only way to insure a place on the waiting list or some other story that prays on your vulnerability. If this happens, look for a new contractor.

There is no question that experiencing a tornado, hurricane or other catastrophic event is life changing. Your life will never be quite the same and it is normal to feel frustrated and angry but it is important to keep emotion out of your dealings with your insurance company.

Usually adjusters are in the area within hours of a storm but if the damage is extensive, there could be a problem getting adjusters on site. If you are in a heavily damaged area, it is not realistic to expect an adjuster to be at your home immediately. What you can expect is that the adjuster will call you and find out about your situation. Hopefully, at that time an appointment can be made.

Communication with your adjuster is the key to the whole process. They will do what they can to assist you with putting your life back on track. You need to trust the process and be proactive by doing what you can to overcome adversities. Eventually order will be restored and your life will take on a normal pattern…it will be different but it will become your new normal.