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Getting the Best Homeowners Insurance

hi-66Getting the best homeowners insurance takes a little effort but can be found quickly online. Insurance companies need to have at least a rough idea of what they’ll be insuring. In order to save time and get accurate quotes here are two important things that you need to prepare.

1- Prepare Your Home Inventory – The reason for this is that you will need to determine the estimated value of personal property, including appliances, furniture, gadgets, electronics, jewelry, collectibles and other items to be covered.

At the same time, you will also need this list if you file a claim for a loss. Most insurance companies don’t require a list but coming up with one is the best defense you can have in case of a claim. This list will also remind you of all the items Slash Your Home Insurance Premiums. Search for Lower Rates
that you have lost and make it easier for you to report everything to the insurance company. When you take inventory, make sure that you account for all high-value items such as art collections, jewelry or furs.

These items have coverage limits. Consult your insurance representative to ask if you have adequately covered these items or if you need to have an endorsement in order not to leave them under insured.

If you can include serial numbers of items and present the receipts then it is much better insuring especially valuable items. You may also take pictures of personal property with family members to have a strong claim of ownership in case of a loss.

2- Prepare important information to provide your insurance agent. When getting home insurance, you will be asked for some information and preparing beforehand will make it faster to obtain a quote. Make sure to have the following:

- Details about your home. What is the construction type? (Is it made of wood, bricks, or cement?) What is the age of the house? How big is the home in terms of square footage? Are you the primary or secondary owner of the house?

- The amount of liability coverage you want to purchase as part of your homeowners insurance policy. Do you want to purchase a liability coverage worth $1M or higher?

- The condition of electrical, plumbing, and heating systems. Have they been upgraded? Are they newly fixed?

- What is your home insurance claim history? Have you filed a claim in the past 5 or 10 years?

Bear in mind that the more information you provide allows agents to provide the best homeowners insurance quote possible. Providing in- accurate details can cause homeowners insurance costs to be higher at a future date.