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Car Thefts Peak in Summer Heat

ct-5A study by Progressive Insurance found that car thefts peak during the summer by 15% in July and August, which is when the warmest weather in most of the U.S. develops.  In fact, nine out of 10 of the days with the highest number of car thiefs were in the Spring, Summer and early Fall.

The reason is most likely because car thieves like everybody else do not like to be outside in the cold. Another reason is that people are more likely to leave car windows open and tops down during the summer making it easier for crooks to get in. They’re also less likely to garage the car during the warm weather months, which makes it more vulnerable to theft and break-ins.

People are also much more likely to leave items that might attract thieves in the car during the summer. They might leave smartphones or iPads in the vehicle when they go to the beach. A lot of people leave valuables in the car when they stay at a hotel or a relative’s home during road trips.

There are a few things that you can do to protect your valuables from car thieves. These measures are common sense but it’s amazing how many people forget them.

80% of All Drivers Overpay for Insurance. Do You? Start Saving Now. • Don’t keep valuable items especially small valuable items that are easy to carry off and sell such as electronics or guns in your vehicle.

• Make sure any potentially valuable item you leave in your car is out of sight whether it’s a six pack of beer or a tablet computer. Crooks are lazy. They don’t like to search for stuff. Put items in the trunk or a hidden compartment. Smaller items can also be hidden under the seat or the glove compartment. You can also cover items with a blanket or sheet or put them in a box.

• Never leave keys in an unattended car even at the gas station. Take the keys with you even when you go to the beach.

• If you leave your car at home while you are on vacation don’t leave the keys in your house. Give the keys to somebody you trust such as a friend or relative while you’re out of town.

• Keep your car locked everywhere, including camp grounds and the wilderness. Criminals have vehicles and some of them do prowl rural areas because they know vehicles parked there are less likely to be locked.

• If you stay at a hotel or vacation rental take all of your valuables into the room or unit with you. Car thieves often pillage vehicles in hotel parking lots.

• Where you park can make a difference. Vehicles in areas with more foot traffic are less likely to be broken into so are cars parked closer to a building. Contrary to popular belief street lights, surveillance cameras and parking lot attendants don’t deter thieves. Parking garages are just as vulnerable as lots.

• Don’t leave your car at an airport or a train station for long periods of time. Thieves love those places because you won’t notice your vehicle’s been broken into or stolen for a long time. If you fly or take the train get a ride to the airport or the station. If you can’t talk somebody into driving you cabs and airport shuttles are available in most cities.