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Car Insurance isn’t Only Changing

ci-8Just this week I renewed my car insurance policy. I spent about 45 minutes reviewing my coverage, and taking a peek at what several companies had to offer before deciding to stay with my current carrier, as car insurance ins’t only changing, it’s getting easier to find competitive rates.

Though I didn’t do any of this in my underwear I could have done it all that way, as car insurance . If my insurance agent Jim wasn’t long retired, I might have felt bad that I did all of this without his help, but I’m one of the millions of Americans who take care of their insurance needs on the internet.

I grew up in a small town in Northern California. My best friend’s father was the only insurance agent in town. He was a dignified gentleman with perfectly styled hair. His name was Jim. He used a pencil and paper, big actuarial tables, and a calculator the size of a Smart Car. He knew things about insurance that no one else in town knew. He made a lot of money, and lived in the big house on the hill.

But how have things changed! What began as a trend with the internet is now a tsunami. According to BMK Business Coaching, a noted business trend analyst, “Over 50% of people looking to obtain auto insurance quotes now go online to shop. This trend will probably continue as insurance buyers are looking for convenience and competitive pricing. Large companies like GEICO, Progressive, and Allstate are throwing millions of advertising dollars to get these customers.”

Perhaps as important to the industry as a whole is the trend in lines of insurance besides car insurance. Currently almost 1/3 of homeowners are shopping for, and buying, coverage online, and a whopping 71.8% of renters are purchasing personal property protection over the World Wide Web.

While life insurance customers are more likely to purchase coverage in the traditional manner, even those folks are going about the research in new ways. Mark Cendela has been in life insurance sales and service with TIAA-CREF for over 30 years. He sees the change, and applauds it.

“They are showing up at my office with notebooks full of information that they gleaned from shopping online,” says Cendela. “It keeps me on my toes but it’s a good thing too. They know the terms before we even get started. It’s a timesaver really.”

It makes sense, of course. The Web was a tool for education long before it became a point of sale commerce engine. Life insurance is a major decision, and people want to learn about it before taking the financial plunge.

What all of this tells us is that there is a tremendous sea change in the way that people, such as yourself, seek out, sift through, and find what is best for your family. Your friends at Wise Insurance Quotes.com are on the leading edge of this change.