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Best Way to Buy Renters Insurance

best way to buy renters insuranceThese days you have to be on your toes because it only takes a few short seconds for something to happen that could change everything in your life. The best ways tenants can protect their property is to buy renters insurance and the best way to buy renters insurance is online.

Despite the best of intentions, you never know what will happen to you and your family tomorrow. A tornado could strike or a burglar could steal your best belongings when you are gone over a weekend visiting friends. Landlords don’t typically carry renters insurance. It’s up to tenants to protect themselves against losses.

The consequence of not having renters insurance can be catastrophic. Replacing all your damaged property in case of a fire or flood can be cost prohibitive. If you are considering renters insurance, here are some minimum figures to consider for an average household: Furniture $5,000, Clothing $2,500; TV, DVD and CD collections (music and movies), home theater system $2,500; computer equipment and accessories (MP3 players, speakers, software) $3,500; watches and jewelry,$2,000; artwork, decorations and collectibles $3,000; kitchen appliances (dishes, cookware, silverware, ref, microwave, stove burner, coffee maker) $2,500; gadgets (Camera and accessories, cellphone, laptop) $1,000; and other appliances (washer, dryer, vacuum cleaner, iron board) $1,500.

Renters Insurance - Less Than $1 A Day

Doesn’t it make more sense to be insured? Renters insurance averages less than $200 a year in most areas of the country, which may even seem too good to be true.

You can buy renters insurance online and it covers losses in case of burglary, fire, theft and even most other catastrophes caused by Mother Nature. When you buy renters insurance, the cost of replacing the items is not the only one covered by the insurance company. Generally, renters insurance covers three things. Loss of use and personal liability are part of the coverage. Loss of use refers to additional living expenses that would cover hotel stays and other costs related to moving into a hotel or motel when your home becomes unlivable.

Personal liability covers expenses when someone sues you or asks you to pay hospital bills and rehabilitation expenses brought about by an injury incurred in your house.