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Around the World Corner – Skippers Canyon

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Skippers Road, New Zealand


Photo Credit: Localweather.net.nz

If you ever decide to take a vacation to New Zealand and the kids hear about Skipper’s Road, Queenstown.  We strongly suggest you do your homework before embarking on that excursion….not for the feint-hearted.

Time to check car insurance, life insurance and just maybe your sanity !  Most rental car companies won’t provide a vehicle and insurance companies will not even provide cover should the worst occur.

Built in the late 19th century to give miners access to newly found gold deposits at Skippers Canyon. The canyon is accessed by Skippers Road , which today is one of New Zealand’s more famous scenic roads and a popular day trip for thrill-seeking tourists from nearby Queenstown, New Zealand. Motorists must apply for a permit before attempting to tackle the road.

Unbelievably scary, mostly single-track and safety barriers do not exist. Skippers Road is a narrow, winding an exhilaratingly treacherous route that twists and turns for approximately sixteen and a half miles.

Miners carved out the road by hand more than 140 years ago against a sheer cliff front. Drops of several hundred metres are not uncommon.  Much of the road is much the same as it was when the road was completed in 1890.


The road was completed by four different contractors and took some twenty-two years to be completed.

When the gold rush began to diminish some of the people of Queenstown saw the potential of telling the story of the goldrush and the use and making of Skippers Road to attract tourists and visitors. The community was by and large undecided as petitions supporting the plan that vehicles could be used to travel as well as petitions to ban them were floated. Eventually, the court ruled that Skippers Road could be used by cars, but drivers were obliged to give plenty of warning of their travel plans by applying for a permit which included time limits of usage. A fine of ten dollars was implemented to ensure the new ruling was enforced.

Part of the journey takes you over Skippers Bridge, officially opened in March 1901 by the Minister of Mines. Today it is one of the major attractions to the canyon spanning a gorge with sheer rock faces on both sides and is about a hundred metres above the river.


Photo Credit: Vacationsmadeeasy.com

To that end we have no hesitation in recommending an experienced tour guide with Skippers Canyon adventures who provide jet boat tours along the Shotover River plus the enviable road trip to get to the jet boats.

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