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6 Steps to Getting Cheaper Insurance

ci-9Getting the best insurance company with the least expensive rates isn’t exactly rocket science, but with Wise Insurance Quotes 6 steps to getting cheaper insurance it’s easier than ever to get the most affordable rates. Insurance companies can be found in just about every town in America, but consumers should protect themselves from buying insurance coverage from the wrong company.

Don’t be like hundreds of thousands of consumers who have found themselves out of luck when it comes to insurance companies that refuse to pay valid claims without any recourse except a court battle with a big corporation that could last years.

Find out which companies have the best and worst consumer feedback score. Take these 6 steps to insure yourself and your family of a fighting chance to get good insurance coverage and cheaper insurance rates.

1- Research consumer opinions – Get Consumer Reports Magazine to check on surveys it does on insurance companies regarding customer satisfaction ratings. See whether existing customers are happy or not. Then you will know what your future would be like with that company.

2- Get online and visit insurance consumer forums. People today are vocal online — good or bad. Find out what other people are saying about insurance companies you are considering.

3- Interview auto repair shop managers – The best auto insurance companies do not just take care of their clients, they also take care of their business associates. Repair shops are on the front lines. Find out if they are easy to deal with. Find out if they have an effective claims system and see if the repair shop gets paid on time.

For homeowners insurance check with local handymen and builders to see how insurance companies pay-off claims made by consumers.

4- Check government statistics – Insurance companies are regulated by state governments. Complaints, disputes and lawsuits are handled by either the state Insurance Commissioner or the Attorney General’s Consumer Affairs office. Public records are available online regarding most insurance company complaints and can be easily accessed through a search engine online.

5- Consider an insurance broker. Insurance brokers represent several lines or brands of insurance and don’t directly report to insurance companies on clients like company agents do. Consider an independent agent or broker who is not biased but puts your interests first before any company.

6- Get quotes online – Insurance quotes on all sorts of polices can be easily and quickly obtained online here on Wise Insurance Quotes. Get as many as you like and then compare your options. They are fast and free without obligation. You have everything to gain and nothing to lose. Get your quotes online now.