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3 Out of 4 Drivers Admit to Car Accidents

inm-4A stunning three out of four drivers admit to being in car accidents sometime during their years behind the wheel, according to a new exclusive Wise Insurance Quotes survey.

The surprising result provides ammunition for the insurance industry, which has been saying consumers need to pay higher insurance premiums for auto insurance so they can stay in business, pay out on insurance claims for accidents and still make a profit.

Extraordinarily high accident rates in many regions of the country, including large cities like Lost Angeles, Atlanta, New York and Las Vegas make it difficult for insurance carriers to keep underwriting policies without charging higher premiums.

Insurance industry appraisers say the hike in accidents is symbolic of the times we live in on the roads. With more drivers in the U.S. and lower qualification standards to obtain drivers licenses in many areas of the country, car accidents are only expected to increase in coming years.

Some 71% of respondents admitted to being in an accident in the online poll. However, a growing number of consumers are searching for lower insurance rates these days with the help of the Internet. Rising insurance rates have triggered the movement by consumers to look for lower insurance prices online without the hassle of dealing with insurance agents or pushy sales people.

Studies show that almost three out of four drivers also over-pay for the insurance coverage they receive, and that insurance costs can be reduced searching online.