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10 Steps to Cheap Car Insurance

steps to cheap car insuranceCompetition in business produces benefits for consumers, but it also leads to problems in some cases. Wise Insurance Quotes provides 10 steps to  the best cheap car insurance available on the market.

1- Google it. Search the name of the company you are considering for issues like this: “name of company complaints”, “name of company scam” and “name of company reviews” for a starter.

2- BBB it. Just to be 100% sure check with the Better Business Bureau to see if they are listed and if there are any complaints.

3- Check with your state insurance licensing department to check the status of any company you are considering a policy with and see if the insurance company is licensed.

4- Also, check the agents license too. Check to make sure the person you are dealing with has a valid license in your state to sell insurance. Should a broker not have a valid license, your coverage could be invalidated in case of an accident.

5- Be suspect of any agent who asks you to pay a referral fee or any other fees to other agents or brokers. Always bear in mind that licensed brokers do not charge any fees and are paid from commissions provided by companies they are affiliated with.

6- Try getting a quote from big and reputable companies. You will be surprised that not all of them are expensive quotes and they might have marketing promotions in effect that could provide real cost savings.

7- If you get a quote that is really low and it’s too good to be true, compare it with other quotes and policies to see the differences in coverage. In most cases, something that is “to good to be true” usually is. Protect yourself and your future by not taking a gamble on insurance coverage with low grade or less than reputable companies.

8- Quotes on insurance coverage should always be in writing. A legitimate company invests big money on letterheads, brochures, professional looking contracts and signed quotations to make a good impression with consumers.

9- Reputable brokers welcome questions as part of their fact finding journey. Scammers divert your attention and slowly try to move you into a different direction. So, ask all your questions until you feel comfortable with any car insurance policy.

10- Finally, ask around. Start with auto repair shops to see if they have ever dealt with a company or agent you are considering giving your business. Auto shops may also give you an idea if the company is easy to deal with and in some cases you may find they are difficult to deal with.